RBC - Tammy

I want to express my gratitude to Gabe for his contribution to the success of our business meeting. The feedback we’ve received is fantastic. He helped set the tone and bar high as our first speaker. Thanks again for helping create an unforgettable meeting with our top clients.
-Tammy Benson, RBC


Gabe is a futurist who thinks deeply about changing the world and how to structure his message to achieve maximum impact with an audience. Even with difficult-to-grasp and highly technical content, Gabe is uniquely able to connect with attendees.
Nir Eyal, Habit Summit

Koann - SB

Gabe is thoughtful, engaging and a uniquely talented speaker who’s able to connect with even the most skeptical and diverse corporate audiences to get his message across. I’ve booked him more than once, and every keynote is filled with data, insights and anecdotes that help people really understand the gravity and opportunity presented in his thesis.
-KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Sustainable Brands

Sean - DLN

Gabe is an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker. His ability to effortlessly adapt his knowledge to the niche audience of our summit created an inclusive environment where our members were able to receive complex ideas in an easy to understand way.
-Sean Yashar, Design Leadership Network