Leadership Keynote Speaker: Gabe Zichermann

lead with intelligence, vulnerability & the ability to fail

Most organizations say that people are their greatest asset. But even if you have unlimited resources and an endless well of amazing talent (and you probably don’t), you need to be able to drive maximum performance from the people around you, today.

Leading in a time of great change and upheaval is tough even for the smartest and strongest executives. This has never been more true than now, and what separates the winners from the losers increasingly hinges on intelligent, vulnerable and failure-friendly leadership.

My leadership keynotes draw on my personal experience of co-founding 5+ companies and case studies gleaned from research into top innovators in athletics, the arts, technology, industry and politics. I’ve led diverse, global and challenging teams across industries, and these lessons are among the most valuable attendees can gain.

As a leadership motivational speaker, I bring together these ideas using my proprietary approach to information-rich leadership keynote presentations:

  1. Reframe the Challenge with Context

  2. Explain the Science

  3. Reveal the Underlying Process & Mechanics

  4. Layer in Relevant Examples

  5. Deliver Actionable Take-Aways to Spur Leadership

These 5 elements are woven together by diving deeply into your industry’s challenges and blending that with humor, plenty of a-ha moments and a quick pace that leaves audiences inspired, energized and ready to tackle the great personal and professional challenges they face.

Together, attendees will create the future with this inspiring, actionable innovation keynote


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Gamification for Civic Engagement

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