If you're not on the edge of failure right now, you're not living your best life.


I'm Gabe Zichermann - entrepreneur, author, public speaker, mentor and teacher. My 3 books on Gamification and Behavioral Design have set the standard for the systems design profession. I've been fortunate to speak all over the world to highly diverse audiences about the power of engagement.  

One consistent theme in my life has been taking professional risks. This has come with some awesome successes and many many (many) failures. When facing the closure of my latest venture, I started asking the question: "If failure is such a good teacher why does no one teach you how to fail?" 

This is the subject of my video/audio podcast series and forthcoming book, Failosophy.  Click here to watch the Failosophy Videocast/Podcast

I’m also an accomplished public speaker and I’d love to come speak at your event or to your organization. Click here to see more of my keynotes and workshops.